Tuesday 8/25/15
EQ: Where am I and who are these nice people?
Warm up: Greet your classmates and see if you can figure out where your assigned seat is. (alphabetical order starting at my desk and going back each row)- You have 5 minutes!
-Introducing Mr. Blass
-Find Someone who
Summary: Fill out note card with:
1.Your name and any nickname you like to be called
2.Things you want me to know about you/ I should know about you
3.Your favorite things in life
HW: Have binder space for science papers only by Friday!

Wednesday 8/26/15
EQ: Where am I and where do I find things?
Warm up: Have a seat in your assigned seats. Put away books and have something to write with.Begin reading over yellow course outline quietly!
-Yearly Topic Outline
-Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Summary: Review Scavenger Hunt
HW: Have binder space for science papers only by Friday!

Thursday 8/27/15
EQ: How do you ‘do science’?
Warm up: What does a scientist look like? Explain in sentence form or draw your idea.
-Introduction to Science Notebooks
-Review warm up
- Review FAQs Hunt answers
-What is science wordsplash
Summary: What is science video clip
HW: Science binder space due tomorrow!

Friday 8/28/15
EQ: How do I read and understand science words?
Warm up: What does the word biology mean?
-Review warm up
-The language of science – understanding science vocabulary
-Making science words
Summary: First week Brain Dump
HW: Have a great weekend!

Monday 8/31/15
EQ: What is the scientific method?
Warm up: If your computer was not working right, what steps would you take to try and fix it? (assume YOU will try to fix it- you will not call someone else)
-Think, pair, share steps to fix computers
-Group discussion scientific method
-Brain Pop Scientific method
Summary: Is the scientific method always the same steps?
HW:“Listening in/ beriberi interesting experiment” Scientific method practice (both sides)

Tuesday 9/1/15
EQ: What is the scientific method?
What are the basic kinds of observations?
Warm up: Go the lab groups and complete “Get the point” by finding differences and answering the questions in your science notebook.
-Review beriberi interesting homework
-Review warm up
Summary: What does qualitative and quantitative mean? (break it down with the language of science)
HW: Make a riddle with 3 qualitative and 3 quantitative observations about one of your favorite hobbies or things at home.

Wednesday 9/2/15
EQ: What are the parts of an experiment?
Warm up: IF I raise my hand 3 times every science class, THEN I will get a higher grade in science. What kind of statement is this?
-Review HW- Qualitative and Quantitative observations
-Brain Pop Scientific method
-Begin Sponge bob variable practice
Summary: Review HW Question #1
HW: Finish Sponge bob variable practice

Thursday 9/3/15
EQ: How do I analyze data well and make conclusions?
Warm up: Get into lab groups and come up with ideas on how to analyze sponge bobs data for homework #3 and #4. (think calculations)
Check HW
-Review Spongebob HW- Variables
-Group discussion- analyzing data.
-Group practice, analyzing bikini bottom data
-Conclusions with CITED EVIDENCE
Summary: What evidence should you cite in a science conclusion?
HW: Quick Quiz Wednesday Scientific method & Variables
Have an awesome weekend

Tuesday 9/8/15
EQ: How do I design a good experiment?
Warm up: Sponge bob variable identification review (on next page)
-Review variables
-Review data analysis and making conclusions
-Experimental design example
-Question- Will you get more wet walking through the rain or running?
-What other variables (things that can change) could affect how wet you get in the rain? What should we do to them?
Summary: What still confuses you about our vocabulary and experimental design questions?
HW: Test Insurance for Quiz tomorrow

Wednesday 9/9/15
EQ: How do I design a good experiment?
Warm up: Use your test insurance and quiz your neighbor on vocabulary and variables! ( 5mins)
-First test of the year!
-When finished: Work on HW
Summary: Keys to writing procedures
HW: Finish Sponge Bob Experiments Review

Thursday 9/10/15
EQ: How do I design a good experiment?
Warm up: Write specific directions to get from your seat to a specific object in the room. (do not say what it is).
-Mythbusters video clip- Running in the rain
-Review constant variables
-Review warm up
-Review sponge bob experiments
-Brainstorm ideas for class experiment question
Summary: Identify key variables in class experiment
HW: Improve your Procedures for Sponge Bob #3.

Friday 9/11/15
EQ: How do I design a good experiment?
Warm up: How could you measure the size of a bubble gum bubble?
- Return & Review Quiz
-Review experimental question and important variables
-In teams- brainstorm quantitative amounts for constant variables
-Introduce experimental design outline
Summary: Begin filling out experimental design paper
HW: Bring a pack of gum for your group to blow bubbles with.

Monday 9/14/15
EQ: How do I perform a good experiment?
Warm up: What are some important safety concerns for today’s lab? Think about OUR experiment.
- Review warm up
- Finalize experiment procedures as a class
-Create a data table
-Review Lab Team responsibilities
-Begin Collecting data
-Introduce experimental outline
Summary: Begin filling out experimental design paper
HW: Begin Completing Side one of experiment outline (Due Thursday)

Tuesday 9/15/15
EQ: How do I perform a good experiment?
Warm up: What are the important parts of a good graph?
-Review warm up
-Finish collecting data- Add to class google doc.
-Begin analyzing and graphing data.
-Make conclusions using RACER method
Summary: Begin making final draft of experimental design
HW: Rough draft analysis and conclusions for experimental outlinefor tomorrow!
Outline Due Thursday!

Wednesday 9/16/15
EQ: How do I make conclusions using evidence?
Warm up: Make conclusions with evidence from the following graphs (next page).
- Review data analysis and graphs in lab groups
-data and graph revisions
-Review good conclusions with evidence
-What could have been done better during our experiment
-Peer review of experimental design outline
Summary: Finish Outline
HW: Final Experimental Outline DUE tomorrow!

Thursday 9/17/15
EQ: How do I identify the parts of a proper experiment?
Warm up:Get into groups and attach Final Experiment Projects together- Turn in as a group
-Whole class Review Experimental conclusions
-Experimental design review practice
Summary: Review Experimental design answers
HW: Study for Experimental Design Quiz Tomorrow

Friday 9/18/15
EQ: How do I evaluate an experimental design?
Warm up: Quiz a neighbor on experimental design review (5 minutes)
- Review Experimental Design review Answers
Summary: Experimental Design QUIZ
- Introduction to the characteristics of life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juxLuo-sH6M
HW: Have a great weekend!