Monday 9/28/15
EQ: What are the big ideas of Meteorology?
Warm up: Get out your weather unit preview (received Friday) and identify words in the vocabulary list you DO NOT know!
Grades Posted
- Return & Review Measurement Tests
- Return & Review Density Labs
- Meteorology Unit Preview
-WGAL daily forecast
-Meteorology unit learning analysis
Summary: What big ideas did you notice in our discussions?
HW: Start “This week’s weather” through this week- Due Monday

Tuesday 9/29/15
EQ: What are the big ideas in meteorology?
Warm up: Using a textbook, complete the scavenger hunt on the back of your Meteorology unit preview sheet (blue)
-Review scavenger hunt
WGAL daily forecast
-Big idea pair/share
-Gallery Walk
Summary: Review Gallery Walk Answers
HW: Continue “This week’s weather” DUE MONDAY!

Wednesday 9/30/15
EQ: What are the big ideas in meteorology?
Warm up: Finish gallery walk!!!
-WGAL Forecast
-Review warm up
-Does air have mass? How could we test this question?
-Design an experiment to support or reject this hypothesis.
Summary: Group sharing and experimental design
HW: The air around you
Continue this week’s weather due Monday

Thursday 10/1/15
EQ: What is the composition of the atmosphere?
Warm up: What type of graph could best show the composition of the atmosphere? How do you properly make this type of graph?
-Complete graph to scale ( % of air= % of 360°)
-Does the air have mass? Volume?
-Review the Air around you HW
-WGAL Forecast
Summary: Layers of the atmosphere
HW: Layers of the atmosphere Reading and Review
Continue this week’s weather due Monday

Friday 10/2/15
EQ: What are the layers of the atmosphere?
Warm up: Create a mnemonic device to remember the layers of the atmosphere
-WGAL Forecast
-Review warm up
-Review layers of the atmosphere HW
-Layers project
-IF finished early: Finish This week’s weather- Due Monday!
Summary: TURN IN layers of atmosphere diagrams
HW: FINISH layers of the atmosphere diagram (If needed)
Finish this week’s weather due Monday

Monday 10/5/15
EQ: How does the air behave?
Warm up: Write down some things you know about how air reacts when heated or cooled. Try to use these words: Density, Pressure, Volume, Mass
Collecting Layers of the Atmosphere diagrams
-BrainPop Earth’s Atmosphere
-Review warm up
-5 key principles of meteorology Demonstrations
Summary: Key principles Notes
HW: Research Boyle’s Law and Charle’s Law. Record your findings. Air and atmosphere quick quiz Wednesday.
*Bring Laptops tomorrow*

Tuesday 10/6/15
EQ: How does air behave?
Warm up: Log into your computer. Turn it around to face me once you have done that.
-Behavior of gases investigation
-Review Boyle’s Law and Charle’s Law HW
Summary: Quick Quiz – 5 key principles of air
HW: Direct vs indirect heat worksheet