Glad you are interested in science Fair!

Where to begin?

Step 1: Find a research topic by taking the online interest survey here:

Step 2: Start a research notebook (paper or digital) using the instructions found under the "Project Guide" section of science buddies under the "getting started" section.

Science Buddies- Getting Started

DUE: Friday September 18th

Step 3: Have at least 5 key concepts or questions related to your identified project, write a hypothesis, Gather Information from research and working bibliography (5 sources minimum!!).

DUE: Wednesday October 14th

Step 4: Complete NMSEF Registration and rules wizard
Rules Wizard
ISEF Forms

DUE: Friday October 16th

Step 5: Materials and procedure (controls, variable being tested, safety/risk assessment)

DUE: Monday October 19th

Step 6: All information has been put in to the NMSEF website.
Student Online Registration
DUE: Wednesday October 21st

Step 7: NMSEF forms printed and signed, TURNED IN!

DUE: Friday October 23rd