Wednesday 3/30/16
EQ: What are the unique characteristics of invertebrates?
Warm up: Get out Animal Kingdom notes and Invertebrate lab packets and wait quietly
-Invertebrate lab Review
-Begin ChordataNotes/ Vertebrate Notes
Summary: Vertebrate graphic organizer
HW: Vertebrate graphic organizer & “Classy vertebrates”

Thursday 3/31/16
EQ: How do we classify the animal Kingdom?
Warm up: What are some characteristics unique to the Chordata Phylum of animals?
Summary: Reptiles, Birds and mammal notes
HW: Study and review animal kingdom notes for Test next Friday

Friday 4/1/16
EQ: What are the adaptations that separate animals into their basic groups?
Warm up: What are the unique characteristics of amphibians?
-Dissection groups
-Preview Dissection expectations/ safety
-Review Amphibian notes and warm up
-Pre-lab frog dissection & body systems
Summary: Heart Dissection
HW: Study for Animal Quiz next Friday- Have invert packet, vertebrate notes, dissection packet

Monday 4/4/16- Wednesday 4/6/16
EQ: What are the anatomical features of amphibians?
Warm up: Get out frog dissection packet and wait QUIETLY at your desk. THIS WILL BE A QUIET LAB!
-Review dissection expectations
-Monday: External anatomy/Mouth anatomy
-Tuesday: Internal Anatomy & Digestive system
-Wednesday: Excretory, Circulatory, Nervous systems
Summary: Complete Frog Dissection packet
HW: Study for Animal Quiz Friday- Don’t Lose your notes!

Thursday 4/7/16
EQ: How do I classify Animals into groups?
Warm up: Classy Vertebrates activity
- Review classy vertebrate answers
- Review symmetry HW
Summary: Animal Highlight Features!
HW: Study for Animal Quiz TOMORROW – Don’t lose your notes!

Friday 4/8/16
EQ: What are the unique characteristics of Animals?
Warm up: Get out Animal Notes, dissection notes and invertebrate packet. Put your name on your answer sheet! Get ready!
HW: Have a great May day!